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Respectable Street | West Palm Beach, Florida

Gimme Gimme Disco

Funky friends in Florida, brace yourselves for a mind-blowing evening on October 14, 2023! The high-energy, electrifying Gimme Gimme Disco is lighting up Respectable Street, West Palm Beach. Their LIVE show is known for being a DAZZLING spectacle of epic grooves, vibrant lighting, and next-level energy.

We're talking hypnotic beats that make you feel ALIVE, people! Remember their toe-tapping hits? Their infectious tunes will create an EXHILARATING trip down memory lane, that's sure to stir up nostalgia in the heart of any disco lover.

NOBODY throws down a disco party quite like Gimme Gimme Disco. The vibe? ELECTRIFYING. The location? ICONIC. It will be an unforgettable joyride filled with pulsating rhythms and throbbing basslines that hit you straight in the feels.

Find yourself JIVING on October 14 amongst a crowd of gleaming die-hard disco enthusiasts. What’s more, meet fellow disco-heads and dance the night away in the heart of West Palm Beach! Life's too short to miss out on this SPECTACULAR experience! Snap up your tickets NOW and experience the power of live music! Groove on, folks!

Holy cow, folks! The moment we've all been waiting for is finally here. Gimme Gimme Disco is coming to West Palm Beach and will be bringing the house down at Respectable Street on October 14, 2023. Are you ready to get down and boogie to the nostalgic sounds of the 70s and 80s? Because that's what you're going to get at this rad live concert!

Expect the swirl of wild colors, the blast of pumping beats, and that oh-so-familiar dance-floor chaos typical of a classic disco. It's not just a concert, it's a time travel machine taking you back to the bedazzled era of shimmering mirror balls, flared trousers, and sky-high platforms. So glue on your moustaches and slip into your bodysuits. This is going to be a night stamped in your memory books.

About Gimme Gimme Disco

There's no one does it quite like Gimme Gimme Disco. They've got this uncanny knack for whipping their crowd into a euphoric frenzy. Dump your woes and worries at the door as you step into a world they've masterfully crafted, a world where you groove, jive and shake all your troubles away. Imagine a faithful soundtrack of yesteryears that rings through with a contemporary zest. This is more than a tribute to a genre - it’s a celebration of an era.

And damn, are they recognized for it. With globetrotting tours and heat-generating shows, Gimme Gimme Disco has graced the stages of some of the most renowned festivals and venues worldwide. They're notorious for building a seamless bridge between the nostalgia of yesteryears and the bombastic party vibe of today.

Respectable Street Information

Let's take a moment to appreciate our venue. Respectable Street, a landmark in the heart of West Palm Beach, Florida, is a stunner, a true-blue haven of live music. This spot is not just a venue, it's a piece of history. The energy, the atmosphere, the soul - it's all part of the Respectable Street experience.

What's in store, you ask? Well, there's a bar stocked with everything from classic drafts to signature cocktails - a drink for every vibe. If you need a breather from the high-octane performances, there's always the charming outdoor patio. It's the perfect atmosphere for a live concert - intimate yet powerful.

Ticket Information

Save up and suit up, folks, 'cause the ticket box office has released seats for the Gimme Gimme Disco concert. But heads up, the preferred place to nab the best seats is with "Ticket Squeeze." They offer better deals, low prices, and minimal fees. Nobody likes to splurge on overpriced tickets, so get your golden ticket from Ticket Squeeze and gain more bang for your buck.

Feeling tempted? Don't resist. It's time to give in to the rhythm, to the dance, to Gimme Gimme Disco. So, go ahead, secure your ticket today, and join the party of the decade at Respectable Street on October 14. It's a date with destiny, folks. Don't miss it!

Gimme Gimme Disco at Respectable Street

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