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Respectable Street | West Palm Beach, Florida


Hey, rock enthusiasts and nightlife adventurers of West Palm Beach!

Crazy news - Mold! is coming to Respectable Street on Dec 1st, and it's gonna be EPIC! This venue, famed for its edgy vibe, is the perfect match for Mold!'s gritty sound. Prepare to be BLOWN AWAY as they rip through their greatest hits like "Echoes in the Dark" and "Rusted Dreams" - you know, the tracks that set our souls ALIGHT!

Live shows? Mold! slays them. The raw ENERGY, those haunting RIFFS, and a crowd that pulses with electric synergy... it's an experience that grips you and REFUSES to let go.

For those of you who've been under a rock (no pun intended), this is your chance to join the legion of fans who've felt that indescribable rush of adrenaline when Mold! takes the stage. It's gonna be a whirlwind of emotions, a cascade of sound, and an all-in-one spectacle.

Don't be the one who missed out. Grab your tickets, like, YESTERDAY. Let's rock Respectable Street TOGETHER! 🤘 #MoldAtRespectable

### Concert Summary
Yo, friends and fellow tune lovers! Get ready for an eargasm ‘cause Mold! is hitting the Respectable Street stage in West Palm Beach on the unforgettable night of December 1, 2023. This ain’t your grandma’s string quartet - it's an ecstatic dance through the galaxy of alternative indie music with a sprinkle of grunge that's gonna pulse through your veins.

These guys know how to rile up a crowd with those titanic riffs, gut-wrenching vocals, and a stage presence that’ll make your heart leap outta your chest like a possessed pogo stick. We’re talking sweat-drenched fans, the kind of live jams that have you shouting “One more song!” and a raw energy that pumps through the floorboards. Seriously, Mold! gigs are notorious for transcending regular concerts - they're experiences that tattoo themselves onto your musical soul.

Get set to be wrapped in melodies that weave between poignant lyrics and shreddin’ guitar solos that’ll have you head-banging 'til you can’t remember your middle name. And the mosh pit? That swirling vortex of humanity at a Mold! concert is where the magic happens, where bonds are forged in the fire of the bassline.

### About Mold!
These troubadours of rock have been tearin' up the scene with their killer tracks and off-the-chain performances that have critics and fans alike tipping their hats. Mold! isn’t just a band; they're artisans of their craft, weaving stories into a soundscape that boggles the mind and captures the spirit.

What’s epic about these dudes isn’t just their knack for creating anthems that stick to your ribs like the best kinda comfort food, it’s their ability to capture the raw, untamed spirit of live shows. Each gig is a new chapter in their ever-expanding book of musical mythos, and if you’ve ever seen 'em live, you know that Mold! concerts are downright religious experiences for the rocker’s soul.

They’ve rocked faces off at festivals and left a trail of dazzled listeners in their wake. Now with awards crammed onto their shelves for their blisterin’ albums and singles that have conquered the charts, Mold! isn’t slowing down. They’re a hurricane of talent, ready to sweep us off our feet yet again.

### Respectable Street Information
Nestled in the heart of the vibrant Clematis Street scene, Respectable Street has been the pulse of the alternative music heartbeat in West Palm Beach for more than three decades. This place ain’t just a venue; it’s a homecoming for anyone looking to escape into the night with a soundtrack that speaks to their soul.

The walls of Respectable Street are plastered with memories from shows past – from iconic punks to fresh faces stirring up the scene. This jewel of West Palm dishes out killer acoustics, a primo selection of beverages to oil the night, and that intoxicating aroma of nostalgia peppered with a fierce love for the live music tradition.

It's more than just a spot; it's living history, a corner of the universe where the music and the people are real as it gets.

### Ticket Information
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All you gotta do is hop online, click around, and boom – you’re ready to dive into an ocean of Mold! melodies without that nagging voice in your head groaning about overpaying.

Don’t wait ‘til the last minute though, 'cause these tickets are gonna soar outta here faster than a UFO dodging radar.

So whatcha waiting for? Lace up your most comfortable kicks, mark December 1st with a big ol' red X, and hit up Ticket Squeeze for those affordable Mold! concert passes at Respectable Street. Trust me, this one’s gonna echo in your bones for years to come.

See you in the mosh pit! 🤘

Mold! at Respectable Street

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