Reverend Horton Heat & The Surfrajettes at Respectable Street

Reverend Horton Heat & The Surfrajettes Tickets

Respectable Street | West Palm Beach, Florida

Reverend Horton Heat & The Surfrajettes

Hey rockabillies and surf rock lovers! Circle your calendars, 'cause May 19th, 2024, is gonna be a night etched in ROCKABILLY REVERIE at Respectable Street in West Palm Beach. The Reverend Horton Heat is rolling into town with a COCKTAIL of slick licks and fiery rhythms that'll set your soul ablaze!

Be ready to BOP 'til you drop as Jim Heath and his crew rip through a setlist sprinkled with classics like “Psychobilly Freakout” and “Martini Time”! Imagine those stand-up bass slaps and guitar riffs so ELECTRIC, they’ll zap you back to that golden age where music was all about ENERGY and ATTITUDE.

And groovy gals, don't you worry – The Surfrajettes are bringing their sizzling SURF rock harmonies for a match made in vintage heaven. Their TWANGY guitars will transport you straight to a beachside bonfire party under the stars.

This is a double-bill dreams are made of, with vibes so AUTHENTIC, you'll swear you've stepped into another era. Don't miss out on witnessing these legends ignite Respectable Street with unstoppable rock 'n' roll spirit!

Ready to DIVE IN? Then grab your tickets, now. We'll be waiting, but they sure won't!

### Concert Summary

Hey cats and kittens! Get ready to kick off your shoes and throw your hands up 'cause the Reverend Horton Heat & The Surfrajettes are cruisin' into West Palm Beach for a night of fiery rockabilly tunes and surf rock waves at Respectable Street on May 19, 2024. This show ain't just any ol' concert, it's a rockin' party where the guitars scream as loud as the crowd and the drumbeats hit harder than a Florida summer sun.

You know when you step into a rad live gig of this genre, you're in for a rollercoaster of rhythms that'll get your hips shakin' and your heart racin'. Fancy a night packed with double bass slapin', guitar riffs that cut through the air like a hot knife through butter, and a crowd that's energetic as a high-octane car chase scene in a rock 'n roll movie? Then you've just found your happy place, my friend.

### About Reverend Horton Heat & The Surfrajettes

If you haven't heard of Reverend Horton Heat, man, you're missing out on an iconic piece of the psychobilly puzzle. This Dallas trio, fronted by Jim 'Reverend Horton' Heath himself, delivers a sermon of rockabilly that'll convert even the most stoic listener into a fervent follower. And achieving near-legendary status, they've been tearin' it up since the '80s with albums that go off like a cherry bomb in a moonlit sky.

The Surfrajettes, on the other flip-flop, are these absolutely stellar chicks from north of the border who've been stormin' the sands with their groovy surf instrumentals. They're like stepping into a time machine and coming out straight at a beach bonfire where the surf's up and the music's so hot it could melt your popsicle. Both bands bring a live show prowess that will have you hoppin', boppin', and probably spillin' your drink from all the excitement.

### Respectable Street Information

Respectable Street on Clematis has been the heart and soul of South Florida's live music scene since forever. Tucked away in West Palm Beach's bustling hub, it's the kinda place where memories are etched into the walls and the floors have soaked up decades of beats. This venue's rep is as solid as your grandma's fruitcake, and with its intimate setup, you'll feel like you're part of the band.

Here, each chord reverbrates with the passion of bygone shows, and the eclectic crowd makes for an electric atmosphere that's as diverse as the town itself. Plus, with killer acoustics and an ambiance that shouts "let's rock," it's the ultimate spot to catch a show.

### Ticket Information

Alright, so you're amped and ready to catch this barn-burner of a concert? You're gonna wanna move faster than a greased-up lightning to snag those tickets, 'cause this ain't gonna be no ghost town. Here's the skinny: sure, you could wrestle with the box office or take your chances on the street, but why bother when Ticket Squeeze got you covered with low prices and even lower fees?

These cats are the real McCoy, the bees' knees, the... you get the idea. The best spot to fetch your tickets without breaking the bank or getting hit with sneaky charges. Plus, you wanna be in and ready when The Reverend and the gals hit that first whammin' chord, don't ya?

Don't be a square, grab your tickets and hold 'em tight. This is the kind of show where you'll be telling your grandkids, "I was there," and they'll think you're cooler than a convertible Cadillac with fins. Join the party at Respectable Street and witness the roar of Reverend Horton Heat & The Surfrajettes as they set the stage ablaze!

Y'all know what to do – hit up Ticket Squeeze and let's get this shindig on the road! Can't wait to see ya there, bringin' down the house with the rest of the rock 'n roll faithful!

Reverend Horton Heat & The Surfrajettes at Respectable Street

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