The March Violets at Respectable Street

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Respectable Street | West Palm Beach, Florida

The March Violets

Be part of the must see event: The March Violets happening at the famous Respectable Street on Saturday 24th August 2024 in West Palm Beach, Florida!

Relive the exciting vibes of The March Violets, known for chart-topping hits including "Turn to the Sky", "Walk into the Sun", and "Snake Dance". This is the moment to enjoy their lively live show!

Forget your average Saturday night plans - this event guarantees an evening filled with eventful music and good vibes.

For with tickets from $49. The buzz around this event is unreal and tickets are going quick! Click the 'buy tickets' option now and ensure you do not miss out.

The March Violets, August 24th, Respectable Street, West Palm Beach. Be there!

Experience a exceptional night with The March Violets at Respectable Street on Saturday, August 24, 2024, in West Palm Beach, Florida. Delight the soundtracks of this legendary Post-Punk Goth band in person. Tickets start at $49.

The March Violets, an famous English post-punk/gothic rock band, emerged from Leeds in the 1980s. The band is well known for timeless hits like "Snakedance" and "Walk into the Sun". In 2024, they signed with Metropolis Records, with "Hammer the Last Nail" as their newest single, released just this June.

Their upcoming album, "Crocodile guarantees", is set to be released on July 19! See and hear their new hits LIVE in person! Tracks you've never heard before.

The band members include Tom Ashton, Laurence Elliot, Simon Denbigh and Rosie Garland, among others.

Located at 518 Clematis St, West Palm Beach, FL 33401, Respectable Street has been a prominent venue since 1987. well known for its artsy decor and lively nightlife, it boasts a spacious patio and a capacity that fits numerous concert fans. Respectable Street is acclaimed for delivering eclectic LIVE performances, promising a impressive show experience.

Obtain your tickets from $49 today. Tickets are available on the secure shop "Ticket Squeeze". Click the "buy tickets" button to confirm your purchase.

Tickets are limited, so act quickly to ensure your attendance. Contact Respectable Street for more information.

The March Violets at Respectable Street

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